The facts are, we have a problem eating alone

The solution is Plate with Mate App
- check how easy it is to have great
company within few taps!

Find a Place

On the map you will find many restaurants, cafes and pubs. Just choose one to start all your fun! In the same map you will also find other users' tags that wait until you join them!

Create a meeting

Pick places, create appointments, specify the time, invite people interested, chat and finally taste tohether!


Easy access to other food lovers who enjoys good company


Opportunity to have a meal with local people while traveling


Instant solution to the dilemma: staying home vs eating out


Prove that making relations with people is easy and important

This is NOT a mock-up, app is live on App Stores 😉


Plate with Mate


Contact us for more!

Are you a restaurateur?

Would you like to establish closer cooperation?

Please write to us about the offer!

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Let’s re-discover
the pleasure of

Plate with Mate

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